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  • Baby Savings Tracker | Baby Fund Savings Tracker Printable
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Baby Savings Tracker | Baby Fund Savings Tracker Printable

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A PRINTABLE Baby Savings Goal Tracker to help you plan and save money for your upcoming bundle of joy! Saving for your baby's arrival is less stressful with this coloring sheet tracker that will help you save money faster. We all know babies can be expensive but having a special baby fund set aside for birth and bringing baby home made our experience much less stressful.

This baby savings goal tracker is designed to help you save your money for baby by keeping your goals front and center visually. Enter your savings goal and the top and assign each box a value. When you’ve completed saving that amount of money, color it in!

The BIG Savings Tracker has 25 icons to color in and the 100 Savings Tracker has 100 icons! There are listings with the title "Baby Savings" and "Baby Fund". You can use either or all of these savings trackers based on preference!


This savings tracker is a DIGITAL product. You are purchasing digital downloadable files that you can print again and again at home. No physical items will be shipped to you.

The design is in 8.5″ x 11″ letter format. If you want to print for other sizes you can scale down on your printer settings. Since every computer and printer is different, you can play around with this and scale to print whatever size planner or binder you use (I print for all Happy Planner sized from mini to classic to big)! You can also find the exact size of your planner and use those dimensions to print and cut.

Unfortunately due to the number of different planner sizes we only make one size and do not offer printing support at this time.


You will receive the printable design in a US Letter PDF File. You will download the files in either a PDF or ZIP format depending on size of the product once your payment is confirmed. You will also receive an email with download information.


Designed by (c) Pennies Not Perfection and are strictly for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please do not resell, copy, share or transfer these files. Due to the digital nature of this item, no refund is available. If you have any problems downloading this file please contact us and we would be happy to help.